Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities in 2017:
We currently seek donations ranging from small gifts to large grants. Please contact us to target your donation towards any of our specific focus areas:

Major Investments:

Business development (microfinance)

Provide startup capital for a motocycle spare parts business: ($8000) [£5000]

Medium Projects:

Orphan Education

Sponsor a village for educational supplies (stationary) for orphans: ($150 to $750)       

  [£100 to £500]

Sponsor a village for school uniforms for orphans: ($400 to $1500)

[£250 to £1000]

HIV Awareness

Sponsor a full-day HIV and development crusade to a remote village: ($200) [£125]

Small Donations


Purchase Insecticide treated bednets for the orphans: ($8 per net)
                                                  [£5 per net]