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Bumanda Update from Pastor Benjamin

posted 4 Oct 2013, 06:47 by Darren Creek   [ updated 4 Oct 2013, 06:48 ]

We managed to go and supply books pens and pencils to the orphans in Bumanda village which consists of 4 villages i.e. Bumanda A, B, C, Poyem and Namayuni. At the background is the Church under a very bad condition that needs support. The church has got a piece of plot which was donated by one of the church members but lack a proper structure to fellowship in.

The whole village has about 4500 people and we are helping only 31 orphans who have need of uniforms.

We last gave out uniforms to thee orphans in Bumanda in 2008 and they are really in need of new uniforms but for the books, we have been giving them every term and they are also in need of mosquito nets.

 The community appreciates the donors for supporting them since 2007 up to this time.