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Christmas mission trip 2011

posted 11 Jan 2012, 13:53 by Letthe Needysmile   [ updated 22 Jan 2012, 15:30 ]

Our 2011 trip to Uganda for Christmas was a great success. The 5 volunteers from Australia and UK spent a week in Tororo, which allowed us to visit many of the orphans in Tororo, Busia, and 3 villages (Kidoko, Bunganga and Maundo). It was great to hear directly from the orphans and carers how this little support has been beneficial. We tried to encourage everyone to work and study hard, so that future development in this district will come from within.

The major activities were 3 big village crusades, which included conferences on healthy living and economic development, christmas parties (rice & beans), music, dancing, organised kids activities, football games, and spreading community awareness about HIV/AIDS to over 1000 attendees. Thanks to the volunteers, and to Ben, Sam and the volunteers from Evangel Church Tororo for organisation.

Other activities included planting 500 pine trees as an investment for the future of the project (and to hopefully offset the carbon footprint from all the travelling!), special guest appearances on the local radio station, presenting Christmas presents to the orphans in Tororo, spending time with the orphans in Busia, attending (and guest speaking at) a graduation party for Tororo youth, and sharing videos from the sponsor churches with the members of the Evangel church congregation in Tororo. It was a great time of sharing and encouragement for all the volunteers that give so selflessly to support others more needy than themselves.

In addition to the volunteering, the travelers enjoyed a very busy itinerary of the major tourist attractions in Uganda and nearby Kenya. We researched all the best accommodation, transport and tourist attractions with the intention of starting a small tourism business that will provide employment for local youth and funding for future projects. Tororo is ideally located amidst some of the worlds best wildlife, birdlife, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and rivers. This lush fertile region is secure, safe, cheap, English-speaking, relaxed, and always warm and sunny. You can enjoy safari's, adventure sports, sightseeing or relaxing while experiencing genuine local hospitality without the hassle that accompanies most other tourist hot-spots around the world. Tororo is accessible from Nairobi or Entebbe airports and personalised tours can be arranged through our startup tour company Davan Tours