Our Mission

Tororo, an impoverished district in Eastern Uganda, is home to many orphaned children due to the devastation of HIV/AIDS. This project aims to give hope to many of these children by ensuring they can access quality education, and by encouraging families that provide shelter, food and care for these children. 
As orphans in the project complete school we wish to assist them with the move into the workplace by provision of tertiary or vocational education. Another key component is the development of small business ventures to generate sustainable funding and provide employment opportunities for local youth. 
We hope to reduce the future impact of HIV/AIDS in Uganda by raising awareness about prevention, testing and treatment, particularly in remote villages. 

The main goals are:

1. Supporting foster care of orphans

2. Providing education for orphans

3. Raising awareness about HIV prevention and treatment

4. Encouraging vocational education for adults and children

5. Promoting sustainability by small business ventures in the local community