Our Projects

Current projects can be divided into the following areas:

Village Orphans 

The densely populated villages around Tororo are home to many orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS. Most of these children live with extended family, relatives or neighbours, but many miss out on the opportunity to go to school. Government schools are free to attend, but the costs of required books, pens and uniforms are often prohibitive. Let The Needy Smile aims to provide enough stationary and uniforms to allow about 300 orphans to attend school. 
We currently have sponsors to support 100 orphans, but still need more sponsors... would you like to take on a village? 

Bunganga  (102 children) 
Bumanda  (54  children ) 
Auyo (53  children ) 
Maundo  (60  children ) 
Ngeta (43 children) 
Kidoko (30 children) 

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Addressing the issue of orphans in the long term requires us to address the cause of the problem, and HIV is a leading cause of premature death in Tororo district. HIV testing and treatment programs are well established in Uganda through government and international agencies, however, many members of the general public lack basic knowledge about HIV. Raising public awareness about HIV/AIDS is a major activity of Let the Needy Smile, focusing on prevention, testing, treatment, and healthy living. 

Our 2 major activities are currently: 
1. Village crusades: We go to nearby villages to run crusades that provide basic HIV information and raise awareness. The crusades are organised in cooperation with local churches and authorities to ensure involvement of the local community, and our presentations have now been standardised by using the research-based TeachAIDS videos. 

2. Radio program: Pastor Benjamin hosts a short radio program, 'There is Hope', on Saturday mornings on local radio station, Veros Radio 90.2 FM. The program is popular and widely appreciated, giving general advice, encouragement and talkback concerning HIV, AIDS and general pastoral support. Veros Radio has kindly donated airtime for this community service initially, but to continue this program will require a regular sponsor. Please contact us if you'd like to support this ministry.

Small Business Ventures

As part of our encouragement of economical empowerment we seek to provide microfinance and support to new small business ventures in Tororo to:
a) develop diverse and sustainable funding sources for Let The Needy Smile
b) provide employment for orphans and youth in Tororo district

Successful ventures started by this program include 'His Glory Sounds' (a sound-system hire company that also donates equipment for our HIV crusades), and 'Davan Tours' (a tour company that supports visits by donors and volunteers). 

Read more about our Small Business Ventures and find micro-finance opportunities here...

Vocational and Further Education Scholarships

As orphans complete school we encourage them to get into the workforce. We wish to place students in relevant educational institutes or apprenticeships based on their personal interests. We previously ran a hairdressing diploma course, which was completed by 15 orphans from Tororo district, however this course has now ceased due to lack of funding.

Town Orphans

This project previously supported secondary schooling for up to 30 orphans, but has recently ceased because it did not meet our strict accountability standards.