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Auyo Village

Auyo is a small village in Iyolwa sub-county of Tororo District, about 30
kms from Tororo town by dirt track.

Auyo  has  a small Evangel church (pictured right) community to support the orphans. The children attend the primary school at Poyem or nearby Iyolwa. The nearest high school, Helping Hands Secondary School, is about 3kms away at Iyolwa. 


Let the Needy Smile aims to support education expenses (stationary and uniforms) for 46 orphans and vulnerable children in  Auyo. Without this support many of these children would not be able to attend school. 

Lockhart Uniting Church has provided ongoing stationary support for these orphans, we still require a uniform sponsor(s) for this village:

Stationary costs = $670
Uniform costs = $400

If you can help please contact us