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Bumanda Village

Bumanda  is a remote village in Iyolwa sub-county of Tororo District. The village, with a population of approx 4500, is about about 35kms by road from Tororo town to the East, and surrounded by papyrus swamps to the south-west.  

Bumanda  has  a small Evangel church community to support the orphans. There is a government primary school at Bumanda. The nearest secondary school is about 10kms away at Iyolwa. 
Let the Needy Smile aims to support education expenses (stationary and uniforms) for 30 orphans and vulnerable children in Bumanda. Without this support, many of these children would not get a basic education. 

We still require a sponsor(s) for this village for 2014:

Stationary costs = $800
Uniform costs = $300