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Bunganga Village

Bunganga is a small, but populous, village in Iyolwa sub-county of Tororo District, about 30kms from Tororo town by dirt road.
Bunganga has  a small Evangel church and we have many close contacts within the village as it is the home village of Pastor Benjamin. The nearest government primary school is Ojilai Primary School, about a 2 kilometer walk. The nearest secondary school is 5kms away at Iyolwa.

These are government-funded schools, but orphans cannot attend if they cannot provide their own books, pens and uniforms. 
Let the Needy Smile aims to support education expenses (stationary and uniforms) for 49 orphans and vulnerable children in Bunganga.  

We still require a sponsor(s) for this village for 2014:

Stationary costs = $1300
Uniform costs = $450

If you can help please contact us