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Small Business Ventures

As part of our encouragement of economical empowerment we seek to provide microfinance and support to new small business ventures in Tororo to:
a) develop diverse and sustainable funding sources for Let The Needy Smile
b) provide employment for orphans and youth in Tororo district

Support for existing projects has ranged from $100 to $10,000 of start-up finance and various levels of in-kind support consisting of training, advice, website development, media production or labour. 

- We are seeking supporters to fund the establishment of a motorcycle parts business in Tororo. 
We are seeking 10 stakeholders to invest $800 each (£500) as a one-off donation, and all ongoing profits will support charitable activities of 'Let the Needy Smile'. Please contact us to request a copy of the business plan and pledge a donation. 

Ventures previously started by this program include:

His Glory Sounds

A sound-system hire company providing music and PA hire for functions, events, parties, concerts, crusades and conferences in Eastern Uganda. 
This has been our most successful venture to date, providing significant levels of funding back into Let The Needy Smile's projects. His Glory Sounds also donates equipment for our HIV awareness crusades.

Davan Tours

A tour company that runs budget safaris, adventure holidays and mission trips. 
Davan Tours supports Let The Needy Smile by organising visits by donors and volunteers. 

Samuel Olowo - Ugandan Gospel Music

Pastor Sam is the main coordinator of our town-based projects and a popular local musician, writing and performing songs in English and Swahili as well as local languages. A small donation in 2008 allowed Sam to produce VCDs and cassettes of his first recordings, and the sales from these albums have allowed Sam to produce 3 further albums, in addition to offsetting the general costs of supporting orphans in his home. Check out his music here...

Bunganga Agroforestry Project    

3500 pine trees were donated and planted by volunteers to provide future funding for Let The Needy Smile's projects. Tororo district is very fertile and we seek to take advantage of under-utilised land in an environmentally friendly and economically profitable manner. 

SMILE clothes store

A small clothes store was started in Tororo town centre in 2009. Unfortunately, the combination of a poor retail sector, rising rental costs and a large burglary have made progress difficult for this business and it is currently undergoing a review regarding its future prospects. 

His Glory Hairdressing   

This hairdressing salon was open from 2008-2011 and provided hairdressing services in addition to vocational training in hairdressing. 15 orphans completed the diploma in hairdressing, however, the salon was closed in early 2011 as it did not meet our goal of self-sustainability. A small and viable men's shaving service remains active, running from the same shop-front as His Glory Sounds in central Tororo.