Who We Are

The project began in 2008 as an outreach of the Evangel Church in Tororo, and is coordinated on a voluntary basis by Pastor Benjamin Owino (Tororo, Uganda) and Dr Darren Creek (Melbourne, Australia). Funds are raised by a combination of international and local donations, and many hours of hard work are kindly donated by members of the Evangel Churches in and around Tororo. 

The relatively small size of this project offers 2 major advantages: 
1. NO administration costs
2. Full accountability

Donations are requested for specific projects and all funds are spent according to the approved budgets. More importantly, the pastors personally monitor the well-being of the orphans to ensure that they are receiving adequate levels of care and education. Existing church and community networks are utilized to monitor the progress of orphans in the more remote villages. All local and international supporters are invited to visit Tororo to meet the children, travel can be arranged through our new tour company venture, Davan Tours.

Funding for the project currently relies on a combination of outside donations, and local business ventures in Eastern Uganda that have been specifically initiated to support the project.
The main financial supporters are the members of Manningham Uniting Church (Aus) and Lockhart Uniting Church (Aus) plus a number of one-off donations from individuals. Additional sponsors (individuals or groups) are required to support all the orphans on our books. Please contact Darren to arrange a sponsorship. 

This project is only possible thanks to the voluntary contribution of many members of the Evangel Churches in Tororo, Busia and surrounding villages. We believe that this project offers a practical way to show love to all people, in addition to the church's already established role of providing for spiritual and emotional needs. We respect that many of our donors may come from different backgrounds and beliefs, and hence, donations to Let The Needy Smile are not directed into the church finances, but only spent directly on the practical development projects described on this site. 

Evangel church Tororo is a growing, but self-less, congregation that devotes significant amounts of time, effort and money into supporting orphans and travelling to remote villages to spread the gospel of hope and love, and also practical information about health and development. This all by a poor church community that doesn't even have a permanent building for themselves. If you wish to provide financial support for Evangel Church in Tororo please contact Pastor Benjamin directly. 

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